146% average return, riding in the eye of the storm with the Core Strategy

Monday November 18th 8:00 AM Posted in: News

Last week provided yet another example of the Core Option Trading Strategy's ability to produce amazing results in the face of market adversity. In just 5 days our 7 option picks went from being down as much as 70% to producing gains as high as 173%.

The Setup

The previous trading week was pretty typical going into our trades and the pre-market analysis indicated that the historical performance was in our favor. The core commentary hit the website at 2:41 PM EST with a positive sentiment, indicating that we would be posting recommendations and what to expect in terms of gains. At 3:33 PM EST, we issued buy alerts for 7 option picks to members. About 30 minutes later the DJI closed up at 15,761 for the day and the overall sentiment was positive going into expiration week. Everything was firing on all cylinders, and the market looked primed to produce another solid month.

In comes the storm

The following Monday, the market opened slightly up but traded flat throughout the day. The lack of movement striped our picks of what little time value they had and we ended with the day with our positions slightly in the red. Still, we had seen this activity countless times before and remained optimistic on our picks.

Tuesday, the market opened near the previous close and we saw a steady decline throughout the day. At this point, our positions continued to drop in value dramatically. Many new traders began to worry, but we remained steadfast and positive on the picks.

Wednesday conditions got much worse. The market opened down and drifted further south. Our positions were severely down, many were now seeing losses in the 50% - 70% range. Emails from our contact page began pouring in as many new members were looking for advice on their losing positions. The situation looked truely hopeless.

Riding in the eye

With our picks severely down and a constant inflow of concerned option traders, we choose to remain steadfast and not issue exit alerts. We were in the eye of the storm. When the situation looked as if though it could not get any worse, something amazing happened, the Core Strategy did what it has done countless times before: It worked.

Just after noon on Wednesday, the Fed released pre-Congressional hearing statements and the market took a complete 180 degree turn. Almost immediately, our picks returned to the black. The market picked up momentum and the positive sentiment continued all the way into the close of the week on Friday. Stalwart members who held on to their recommendations were able to make fantastic gains with each of our 7 picks. All told, the Core Strategy went on to produce 7 out of 7 winners for an average gain of 146% (see charts below).

Conclusions and key take aways

Guts and nerves of steel. It often takes a little of both to trade options and that certainly couldn't have been more true with the Core Options Trading Strategy this cycle. As of the the publishing of this post, the strategy has produced over 1200 option picks and a staggering 84% winning history. It is clear that the strategy does not always work but this month clearly illustrated the Core's ability to push through and produce returns even in the most dire of situations. Why? Because it does.

If you are a free subscriber and have been sitting on the fence about trying the Core Strategy, now may be the time to jump in. The Core has produced some phenomenal returns this year with only 5 trades not earning at least 25% since April of this year.

November Core Strategy Charts



AAPL 59% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013




BIDU 251% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013




DIA 130% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013




GOOG 144% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013




NFLX 147% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013




QQQ 120% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013



SPY 173% Return
Nov 8th - Nov 15th, 2013


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