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RESOLVED: Email Alerts Currently Down

Update: We have restored full functionality. Our email alert notifications are currently down. We are working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible. We will post an update when we have a fix. This is not affecting our Twitter or SMS alerts.

Email alert update

In an effort to promote simplicity and increase the reliability of our email alerts, we are no longer segmenting email trade notifications among weekly option members and monthly option members. What this means is that paid members will now receive notifications for all trades on all platforms including Twitter, SMS, and now email. All trade notifications will […]

2014 Year in Review

A look back on the previous year. Key statistics and improvements for

Announcing the 1st Annual Easy Trade Options Education Meetup

As detailed in our previous post, we are taking things in a whole new direction. Our new focus is to help make our members better option traders and we are going to make good on that promise. Among the areas of immediate impact is the announcement of our 1st annual Easy Trade Option Education Meetup. Today […]

We quit! Seriously, it’s time to take this in a new direction.

Two weeks ago, the dynamic duo that makes Options-Intelligence had a little sit down meeting in Bowling Green, KY to hash out future plans and features for our websites. While we accomplished a great deal on that front, our discussions actually morphed into something much deeper. We began examining our business from a macro perspective and asked ourselves some fundamental questions […]


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