May 2024 Monthly Trade Analysis

Friday May 10th 2:53 PM Posted in: Monthly Options Analysis

key stats

April has traditionally been an absolutely stellar month for the strategy overall with very impressive KPIs. At better than 4 out of 5 winners and a triple digit average return over the years, this is a month you will want to trade.


total trades


total wins


win history


avg. return

month vs. overall strategy

May has historically been the “best of the middle” vs the strategy overall.

Risk vs. reward

The departure from the overall strategy beyond 40% returns is likely due to major outliers from years past. Pay attention instead to the slight bump between 25% and peaking at 30%. This is a sweet spot for this month’s historic returns.

historically successful picks

GOOG looks like the pick to beat based on past results.

Trade History

This graphic is rather disappointing. All other months up to this point in the year have shown a clear positive trend towards higher average returns. Partially this is due to the huge outlier in 2005, but the trend would reamain consistent (perhaps less exaggerated) without 2005’s data.

final analysis

May can be very rewarding as we can see with the past returns, however, this month is not yet improving in terms of the high yields we have seen in the past. Play conservatively.


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