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May 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 163 Total trades 138 Winning trades 85% Winning history 116% Average return Statistical Analysis By the numbers, May has been a lucrative month for the Monthly Options strategy in the past. Albeit for last year, 2019, and 2011 we have had great success dating all the way back to 2002. This has produced [...]

April 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 154 Total trades 131 Winning trades 85% Winning history 106% Average return Analysis Last month the markets were digesting Russia's invasion of Ukraine and we have predicably seen a tremendous amount of volatility since our last cycle. By now, the volatility is seeming to settle and we are poised to see the market [...]

March 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 155 Total trades 114 Winning trades 74% Winning history 90% Average return Analysis We are going to break from our normal analysis this month for one very obvious reason: Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We have included the figures for our analysis as we always do, but we believe the narrative really needs to [...]

February 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 157 Total trades 133 Winning trades 85% Winning history 89% Average return Analysis After an admittedly brutal January it is reassuring to see the overwhelmingly positive data from this month's analysis. February tracks the strategy as a whole with almost perfect parity. This is particularly evident in the critical risk v. reward chart [...]

January 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 147 Total trades 107 Winning trades 73% Winning history 67% Average return Analysis As our existing members are no doubt keenly aware, the Monthly Options strategy always starts out a new year with a bit of a fizzle. January has traditionally been challenging for the strategy in years past. The key stats reflect [...]


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