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September 2022 Monthly Options Trade Analysis

Key Stats 176 Total trades 152 Winning trades 86% Winning history 127% Average return Statistical Analysis While September falls a bit short of August, it has still been an incredibly impressive month for our strategy. In an analysis of 176 trades spanning back to 2002, we have some impressive results including a higher than overall [...]

August 2022 Monthly Trade Analysis

Key Stats 121 Total trades 115 Winning trades 95% Winning history 121% Average return Statistical Analysis Historically, August has been a very strong month for our options trading strategy. Since 2002, August trades have maintained an impressive 95% winning history and an equally impressive 121% average return. These key performance indicators were generated after 121 [...]

July 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 193 Total trades 177 Winning trades 92% Winning history 135% Average return Statistical Analysis After 20 years of trading Monthly Options, it remains clear that July is one of the top producing months for the strategy. A quick glance at any of the key stats highlights this rather clearly, but what is perhaps [...]

June 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 157 Total trades 139 Winning trades 89% Winning history 104% Average return Statistical Analysis We are continuing into the stronger months for the Monthly Options trading strategy. June punches above the strategy as a whole on the risk v. reward at about 5 to 10 points more return for the same risk. The [...]

May 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 163 Total trades 138 Winning trades 85% Winning history 116% Average return Statistical Analysis By the numbers, May has been a lucrative month for the Monthly Options strategy in the past. Albeit for last year, 2019, and 2011 we have had great success dating all the way back to 2002. This has produced [...]


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