We quit! Seriously, it’s time to take this in a new direction.

Friday May 2nd 4:16 PM Posted in: News

Two weeks ago, the dynamic duo that makes Options-Intelligence had a little sit down meeting in Bowling Green, KY to hash out future plans and features for our websites. While we accomplished a great deal on that front, our discussions actually morphed into something much deeper. We began examining our business from a macro perspective and asked ourselves some fundamental questions we believe are worth answering. We discussed who we are, what we really offer, how we are presenting ourselves and more. We realized that we have been running this operation for a little over 15 years and have never really thought about what we are trying to achieve or the best way to achieve it. We have some corporate jargon which succinctly sums up this old logic on our about page:

Options-Intelligence strives to serve investors who are serious about making amazing stock option trades month after month.

In many regards this statement shaped what Options-Intelligence and One Day Wonder Options have grown to become: Faceless websites with great option picks for "serious" option traders. And in that light, we have undoubtedly delivered. But is it enough? Are great picks enough? Should we just be appealing to "serious" option traders? We don't think so.

Change of direction

After much discussion about all of our brands including Easy Trade of Southwest Florida, One Day Wonder Options, and of course Options-Intelligence, we've come to realize that there is great potential to do so much more with this platform. We realize there is so much more to options trading than great picks, and we believe it is time to take this to the next level. To that end, I'd like to formally announce our new goal which distills all of our new ambitions and thinking into a single phrase:

We simply want to help make our members better options traders.

Dave and I really believe that we can have a much greater impact in the lives of our members if we can get hyper focused on this single goal. We believe there are a myriad of opportunities to grow and change our brands with this specific goal in mind and the implications are huge. In the long run, this will have a major impact on every aspect of our websites which will help us build a strong community of successful option traders.

So no more picks? Right?! Right?!

So right out of the gate let me say we are still 100% committed to delivering amazing option picks. We believe the buy side of option trading is the foundation for making our members great traders so we see no need for drastic change there. Where we intend to start focusing our attention is, among other things, helping our members with the sell side of option trading. To that end, we plan on rolling out a ton of new initiatives to help members:

  1. Manage risk/exposure
  2. Get more gains out of winning plays
  3. Reduce losses on losing plays
  4. Increase net profitability

Our first new initiative

With our new goal in mind and a concept of where we think we should focus in the short term, I would like to announce our first major new initiative on Options-Intelligence: The first annual Easy Trade member's meetup. Yes, you read that right, Dave and I have decided to host an even this summer for a select number of members. This will be three one day sessions on July 29th, 30th, and 31st in sunny Orlando, Florida aimed at our new goal. More details will be forthcoming in a future blog post, but let me say, we think we have the outline for an amazing experience full of opportunities to learn some of the methods behind being better options traders.

What do you think?

We realize that this post is a bit abstract in as much as there are currently no concrete, tangible differences with our website or our services. We also realize that our new site and initiatives will take time to build and it will take some time to see this come to fruition. We want to thank you all for being our members and we are very excited about the next chapter of Easy Trade. With that said, we invite your questions and comments as we go forward. Your invaluable input has been the driving force for change and we are excited to hear what you have to say.


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