Announcing the 1st Annual Easy Trade Options Education Meetup

Monday June 9th 2:29 PM Posted in: News

As detailed in our previous post, we are taking things in a whole new direction. Our new focus is to help make our members better option traders and we are going to make good on that promise. Among the areas of immediate impact is the announcement of our 1st annual Easy Trade Option Education Meetup. Today we would like to give out some of our initial thoughts for the meetup and start a discussion about what we hope to provide at our first ever member meetup.

Location & Important Dates

We are planning three, day long sessions on July 29th, 30th, and 31st in 2015 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida. We will procure some favorable group rates for attendees and post that information as it becomes available.


For now, we plan on offering the following sessions each of the three days:

  1. How to filter and integrate news
  2. How to read charts
  3. How to understand option pricing
  4. How to use the trade history
  5. How to manage risk

Each session will last approximately one hour with materials prepared by Dave and myself and will include ample time for Q&A to address each trader's specific concerns and comments. Our intent is for this meetup to be in-depth, interactive, informative, and fun.  Additional information about the sessions is available on the meetup page.


We are excited about the opportunity our first meetup holds. Our concretes are the dates and location for the meetup and we think we have a solid framework for our sessions, however, we would really like to reach out to the Options-Intelligence community and get your input on these sessions. To that end, feel free to post your comments here or contact us with your ideas. We want to make the most out of our first meetup and we hope to provide content that helps our members no matter their experience with trading.


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