November 2013 Core Strategy Pre-trade Analysis

Friday November 8th 11:49 AM Posted in: Daily Blog

Once a month, Options-Intelligence uses its vast options trading history to generate key statistics for our Core Options Trading Strategy members. These statistics are designed to arm option trades with invaluable information and insight into the the trends and expectations for the upcoming option trading cycle.

Historical Option Performance for November

November is another outstanding month for traders utilizing the Core Strategy. November now boasts over 100 option trades in the Core alone, which gives us even more data to pour over.

November lifetime winning history at common returns

Return Winning History
10% 81%
20% 72%
30% 63%
40% 50%
50% 44%
75% 31%
100% 25%

Historically successful November option picks

Stock # of Trades Winning History Average Return
AAPL 6 80% 155%
AMZN 8 75% 106%
BRCM 6 100% 132%
DIA 11 91% 58%
GOOG 4 75% 84%
IBM 9 89% 97%
INTC 4 100% 34%
QQQ 9 100% 95%
WYNN 6 100% 117%

Statistical Expectations for November

Overall success for the Core Strategy in November is positive with some really strong historical results from specific options. The winning history holds is rock solid until you look for returns in excess of 30%, which highlights the first statement. Typically the Q's are absolute rock stars for the Core, and there is no exception for November, however there are several other potential plays to pick from (see the chart above). As always, make money and happy trading!


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