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May 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

As the weather warms up, we continue into more lucrative results for our Monthly Options Trading Strategy. Let's not mince words here, May is an excellent month for our members with a trove of data to drive home the point. Our winning history is almost 90%... Yes, you read that right. Of course, 9 out [...]

April 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

April kicks the Core Strategy up into far better territory compared to March. All of the key factors are where we expect to see them. The winning history is a full 15 points higher at 85% (better than 8 out of 10 trades) and the average return is a full 12 points higher at 92%. [...]

March 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

Last month was absolutely stellar for members who traded the Core Strategy. All trades produced outstanding results, easily besting our 30% - 50% target profit range. As we turn our attention to March, thing look a bit grim. There are no two ways about it, March is the worst performing month based on past trades. [...]

February 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

If you were lucky (wise?) enough to survive January by trading WYNN, give yourself some credit, it was a tough month. Fortunately, February looks like much easier waters to navigate. For starters, the stats are significantly better than last month. Across the board, the numbers are much closer to what we typically expect from the [...]

January 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

January is shaping up to be an unusual month. It definitely underperforms compared to the Monthly Strategy as a whole, with one odd exception. Take a close look at the risk v. reward chart below and you will see near parity between January and the overall winning history at a 40% target profit. This is [...]

December 2016 Pre-trade Analysis

December may prove to be a bit challenging members to navigate as the month under-performs compared to averages for the Core Strategy. Specifically, December shows a lower winning history and average return, however, keen-eyed traders will note that these metrics are concentrated in target profits beyond 40%. This suggests taking a more frugal approach for the month: [...]

November 2016 Pre-trade Analysis

November trades higher avg return for more consistent wins. By the Numbers November is yet another solid month for members to take advantage of. Much like last month, the statistics are consistent with what we expect from this strategy. Note a slightly higher winning history in place of a lower average return. With over 100 winning trades [...]

October 2016 Pre-trade Analysis

A strong trade history for October provides sound profit potential for Core Strategy and BUNDLE members. By the Numbers Past October's have performed very well for our members. This is not a banner month like September, however, several key statistics place October as a standard for the Core. A large pool of nearly 140 trades spanning over 15 [...]

September 2016 Pre-trade Analysis

September keeps the Core Strategy "hot streak" alive as we enter fall and the end of Q3. The month boasts some impressive results coming from a high volume of trades. The winning history sits at nearly 90% (yes, one in ten trades) with an average return of 134%, making our target profits easy to obtain. Unique [...]

August 2016 Pre-trade Analysis

August has historically been the best month for Options-Intelligence. This strong trend was reinforced in 2015 and will likely do so for our Core Strategy and Bundle members later today. The statistics are the best produced by the Core for any month, specifically with respect to the winning history. The only caution would be a lower-than-normal number [...]

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