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June 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 157 Total trades 139 Winning trades 89% Winning history 104% Average return Statistical Analysis We are continuing into the stronger months for the Monthly Options trading strategy. June punches above the strategy as a whole on the risk v. reward at about 5 to 10 points more return for the same risk. The [...]

April 2022 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 154 Total trades 131 Winning trades 85% Winning history 106% Average return Analysis Last month the markets were digesting Russia's invasion of Ukraine and we have predicably seen a tremendous amount of volatility since our last cycle. By now, the volatility is seeming to settle and we are poised to see the market [...]

December 2021 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 144 Total trades 120 Winning trades 83% Winning history 75% Average return Analysis December continues to provide a great end to the trading year for our Monthly Options Trading Strategy. You'll note approximately the same number of winning trades as last month, however, this has been produced with fewer overall trades in total [...]

May 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

As the weather warms up, we continue into more lucrative results for our Monthly Options Trading Strategy. Let's not mince words here, May is an excellent month for our members with a trove of data to drive home the point. Our winning history is almost 90%... Yes, you read that right. Of course, 9 out [...]

April 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

April kicks the Core Strategy up into far better territory compared to March. All of the key factors are where we expect to see them. The winning history is a full 15 points higher at 85% (better than 8 out of 10 trades) and the average return is a full 12 points higher at 92%. [...]


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