Core Options Trading Strategy

50% Profit

Many trades make huge returns, well above our recommended 50% target.

Option Alerts

Get up to 8 actionable call option trades for large cap stocks once each month.

Quick Trades

Plays are open for 5 trading days or less and often profit in 72 hours.

How it works

  1. Once a month, Options-Intelligence sends stock option alerts to Core Trading Strategy members*
  2. Members pick from the list of recommendations and purchase contracts of the stock options of their choosing
  3. Options-Intelligence monitors the market and provides general guidance on the recommendations
  4. Members sell their option positions to book profit within a maximum of five trading days

What you can expect

The Core Options Trading Strategy delivers approximately 5 to 10 trade trade alerts once a month.* Recommendations are sent via Twitter, SMS, & email and include:

  • A market summary for the trade week
  • Insights into individual stock activity
  • The recommended options to purchase
  • General guidance for the recommendations


What do we look for to find option trades?

What do we look for?

The Core Options Trading Strategy focuses on approximately a dozen high volume stocks at any given time.  Unlike strategies that focus on low volume assets such as penny stocks we only recommend picks for highly liquid stock options.


When do we trade?

The Core Strategy delivers option trade alerts on the second Friday of each month if conditions are favorable for trading. Our members receive both a detailed commentary that reflects current market conditions and our trade alerts.

How long do we hold our option trades?

How long do we hold?

All trades for the Core Options Trading Strategy take place within a maximum holding period of just five days. This short holding period mitigates your exposure to market volatility and keeps your trading funds nimble.

Profit goals

Traders should set realistic expectations for their profit goals. While many of our recommendations produce triple digit returns, our suggested exit points are as follows:

30% - 50%

Target profit for
Core Strategy

Ample profit opportunity

The Core Options Trading Strategy has an astounding 80% winning history since inception over a decade ago and continues to produce outstanding option trades with an average return of 95%. With modest profit goals, you will have ample opportunity for profit.

The best customer service

We want you to make money trading options and we are committed to providing you with the very best service possible. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate tocontact us.

Traders must be aware of the potential for risk with options trading. All options have a potential downside of 100% of the funds invested.

Option traders should not use stop loss orders with the Core Options Trading Strategy as it is far too easy to get stopped out of the trades due to initial volatility.

As part of our commitment to help you make the most out of your trades, our recommendations often include our assessment of risk for the trade. If you are risk averse, simply avoid high risk plays or purchase fewer contracts to mitigate your exposure.


Target Profit
Per option trade

Make up to a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.


winning history

Over 20 years of trade history with better than 7 out of 10 winning options trades.


Trade notifications

Free text message notifications and Email as backup.


30 day trial
No committment

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