2013 Member Survey Results

Last week we launched a short survey of our members on Options-Intelligence and One Day Wonder Options. We are pleased to announce that our results are in and we wanted to provide you with the some of the information we collected. Our hope is to utilize this data to provide a better options trading experience for all of our customers. We plan on referring back to this data in future blog posts as a means to illustrate various points we try to convey.

Survey Results

How many years of experience do you have trading? %
Less than one year 3.6%
1 to 5 22.9%
6 to 9 18.1%
10 or more 55.4%


How many years of experience do you have trading options? %
Less than one year 8.4%
1 to 5 41%
6 to 9 21.7%
10 or more 28.9%


How often do you trade? %
I'm no longer trading 12.5%
A few times each year 7.8%
A few times each month 31.4%
A few times each week 33.7%
Daily 13.4%


How many contracts do you typically purchase when executing an option trade? %
I'm no longer trading 3.6%
1 to 5 contracts 47%
6 to 19 contracts 37.3%
20 or more contracts 12%

Member Satisfaction with Easy Trade

Metric (Rated 1 - 5): Avg.
Overall satisfaction 3.5
Profitability 3
Trade delivery 3.4
Consistency 3.2
Daily 3.6

Member Satisfaction with Other Services

Metric (Rated 1 - 5): Avg.
Overall satisfaction 2.6
Profitability 2.3
Trade delivery 3.1
Consistency 2.3
Daily 3

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