Announcing free option picks

Friday April 12th 9:37 AM Posted in: News

You asked, we listened

Having recently launched our new website, we immediately began thinking of ways to extend the value of Options-Intelligence to new members. Over the years, many traders have asked us to offer a free trial for our outstanding trade alerts (and who wouldn't, have you seen our results?). After much coffee, brainstorming, and programming, we are pleased to announce our take on a free trial: 100% free option picks.

In a nutshell

Our new service has some great features:

  1. It is completely free - 100% cost free, 100% commitment free
  2. You can use it for the life of the service (no time restrictions)
  3. You will get the exact same trade alerts enjoyed by our paid members

Our end goal

We believe that trial services are vital for new option traders as well as option traders looking for new strategies by allowing them to paper trade without risking any capital. Free trials allow traders to get acclimated to both the alerts (delivery, communication style, timing, etc.) and the underlying strategy (pick types, trading methods, volatility, and more). We really want traders to have the opportunity to experience what we have to offer and determine if it is a good fit for their option trading. We believe our new service accomplishes that goal.

Our solution: Free option picks

Our solution was to create a delayed trade alert system for free subscribers. Our new service sends trade alerts to free subscribers one hour after they are sent to our paid members. The alerts are exactly the same, which allows free subscribers to get acclimated to trading with Options-Intelligence without any capital risk.

Free option picks Ready to check us out? Try our picks for free.



Target Profit
Per option trade

Make up to a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.


winning history

Over 20 years of trade history with better than 7 out of 10 winning options trades.


Trade notifications

Free text message notifications and Email as backup.


30 day trial
No committment

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Trade our alerts without being tied to the market.

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