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Testing SMS Delivery

Members, we the third party software we are using for SMS introduced a bug that prevented SMS delivery for our last alert. We have written code to override that process and ensure delivery of SMS. We are sending this message simply as a test, no need to respond.

November 2022 Monthly Trade Analysis

Key Stats 169 Total trades 136 Winning trades 80% Winning history 77% Average return Ranking vs Overall Risk vs Reward Underperforms the strategy as a whole at each return. Indicates conservatism in trades. Successful Picks QQQ is the standout winner. NFLX is no longer traded. Trade History Four previous years with <10% average return. Analysis [...]

October 2022 Monthly Trade Analysis

Key Stats 179 Total trades 146 Winning trades 82% Winning history 91% Average return October Ranking vs Overall Risk vs Reward Clear indication of a slight underperformance of the strategy as a whole. On par for returns at 40%. Successful Picks AVGO and AAPL are historically the most successful picks, but you can clearly see [...]

Ian Update

Folks, wanted to report in that Dave has weathered Ian. His house had significant flood damage requiring some downtime to get back in repair, but fortunately he and his wife are safe. We will be in communication as we get back online post the storm.

Plays Suspended for Hurricane Ian

We will have intermittent access as hurricane Ian lands. Plays may be suspended Wednesday, September 28th through Friday September 30th for Options-Intelligence and One Day Wonder Options. We will continue to monitor the weather and resume trading as soon as we are safe from the storm.


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Make up to a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.


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