April 2024 Monthly Trade Analysis

Friday April 12th 2:38 PM Posted in: Monthly Options Analysis

key stats

April has traditionally been an absolutely stellar month for the strategy overall with very impressive KPIs. At better than 4 out of 5 winners and a triple digit average return over the years, this is a month you will want to trade.


total trades


total wins


win history


avg. return

month vs. overall strategy

April has a very impressive winning history and average return.

Risk vs. reward

April slightly underperforms in the 20% – 50% target range which is rather interesting given the high average return.

historically successful picks

The ETFs QQQ and DIA have done very well over time.

Trade History

While this is nowhere near as dramatic as last month’s chart, it is still very telling. You can see how consistently the strategy has performed in April. 

final analysis

Historically this has been a great month to trade options. A huge outlier in 2020 has pulled the overall average return to a much higher amount than it would otherwise be. We advocate sticking to the normal target profit range.


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