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February 2020 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 144 Total trades 122 Winning trades 85% Winning history 91% Average return Analysis We have analyzed a total of 144 monthly option trades through February of 2002. Surprisingly, this analysis shows a solid track record with the notable exception of February 2009. Our best indicator is the stellar 85% winning history which is [...]

January 2020 Monthly Options Strategy Results

Trade Results 91% AAPL 155% AVGO 51% BIDU 318% DIA 328% GOOG 244% QQQ 162% NVDA 310% SPY Post Trade Analysis Markets continued their steady push higher through the end of our trading week. Our gains for the month far surpassed our monthly average. We are now headed into the heart of earnings which will [...]

January 2020 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 133 Total trades 98 Winning trades 74% Winning history 62% Average return Analysis For January 2020 we have analyzed 133 options trades over the last 17 years. Our analysis show January as under performing for our monthly options strategy. Most notably, the winning history (wins / trades) is almost 10 percent lower than [...]

December 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 138 Total trades 114 Winning trades 83% Winning history 74% Average return Analysis Our historical analysis of December shows this month slightly improved over November and slightly over performing for the strategy as a whole. Note the higher overall winning history at 83% vs. 72%. Other statistics remain relatively flat month over month. [...]

November 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 151 Total trades 120 Winning trades 79% Winning history 72% Average return Analysis November practically mirrors the performance of October with statistically identical data. The only notable difference is a slightly lower average return (72% vs. 81%) for the month. A review of the trade history shows mostly positive returns throughout the years, [...]

October 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Results

Trade Results 336% AMZN 344% GOOG 137% AVGO 80% QQQ 54% DIA 44% BABA 38% WYNN 7% IBM Post Trade Analysis Last week ended a roller coaster week for the monthly options strategy. Friday the market lost approximately 200 points from the time trades were issued causing a wide margin on our strike prices. This [...]

October 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 156 Total trades 123 Winning trades 79% Winning history 81% Average return Analysis Our analysis shows October as an under performing month for our strategy. Data point to a slightly lower than average winning history and an average return 30 points above our target profit range. Our model of the risk v. reward [...]

September 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 9/13 At first glance, September appears to mirror the historical data from the previous month, however, in many ways it is actually better. Though, the winning history is just 88% vs the 93% from August, note that we have recorded over one and half times as many trades for the month of September. [...]

August 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 8/8 Historical data for August falls short of the highs enjoyed in July, however, it does so with notably above average performance data. The first metric to consider is the staggering 94% winning history which as been sustained over a decade of options trades. Additionally, the month has produced a triple digit [...]

July 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 7/12 As has been the case in the past, July remains one of our all time best months for our Monthly Options strategy members. The risk v. reward chart below combined with the key stats clearly illustrates just how much this month outperforms the strategy as a whole, but what is perhaps [...]

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