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August 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 8/8 Historical data for August falls short of the highs enjoyed in July, however, it does so with notably above average performance data. The first metric to consider is the staggering 94% winning history which as been sustained over a decade of options trades. Additionally, the month has produced a triple digit [...]

July 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 7/12 As has been the case in the past, July remains one of our all time best months for our Monthly Options strategy members. The risk v. reward chart below combined with the key stats clearly illustrates just how much this month outperforms the strategy as a whole, but what is perhaps [...]

June 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Pre-Trade Analysis Friday 6/14 Our analysis shows that the monthly options strategy for June perfectly tracks the overall averages for the year. A glance at the risk v. reward chart below shows practically identical results from the month and overall strategy for any desired return. The key stats yield similar results with this month's winning [...]

May 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Post-Trade Analysis Monday 5/20 Our post-trade analysis for last week can be summed up in one word, “tough”. This was a month were it was very crucial to pay attention to our Commentary to limit your exposure to the market. By limiting our positions to half size we were able to withstand the 600 point [...]

April 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Post-Trade Analysis Monday 4/22 This was, by all accounts a tough month for our monthly trades. We kicked the trades off Friday with the market near an all-time high and 4 trading days the following week. Earnings reports started the trading cycle with Goldman Sachs first out of the gate on Monday giving us a [...]

March 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Post-Trade Analysis Monday 3/18 What a fantastic week for our monthly trades. Looking back to last Friday 3/8 when I was looking over the markets, they looked bleak, having been down 5 days in a row from a double top. Market commentators and chart masters were calling for the end of the bull market Friday [...]

February 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Post Analysis Monday 2/18 We begin with the Commentary from Friday, where we stated the markets would go higher early in the week giving us a nice rally which is precisely what we had through Wednesday 2/13. Thursday the futures again looked strong but quickly reversed on the poor retail sales numbers that came out [...]

January 2019 Monthly Analysis

Monday 1/21 - Post Analysis Early weakness in the market gave those that entered a half size position Friday and added the other half Monday did very well. The rally really started to catch hold Wednesday through Friday on China tariff talk and setting a date for the second N. Korea summit. January is known [...]

December 2018 Monthly Analysis

At first glance this analysis looked to be fairly straight forward as the hard data reveal December to slightly under perform vs. the previous month, however, the risk vs. reward chart paints an entirely different story. December's historical data show slightly fewer trades, a marginally lower winning history, and basically the same average return as [...]

November 2018 Monthly Analysis

Much like October, November has been a relatively successful month throughout the history of the monthly options trading strategy. In fact, the two months are quite similar with respect to our KPIs. Overall trades, winners, and winning history are basically the same as last October. The only notable difference is the lower average return for [...]

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