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February 2024 Monthly Trade Analysis

Key Stats 157 Total trades 133 Winning trades 85% Winning history 89% Average return Ranking vs Overall February produces a low average return, but is in the middle of our data set for the frequency of winning. Risk vs Reward Risk and reward inline with the strategy overall. Successful Picks AMZN is the consistent winner. [...]

January 2024 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 162 Total trades 119 Winning trades 73% Winning history 66% Average return Ranking vs Overall Last place for both metrics vs. strategy overall. Risk vs Reward Vastly underperforms. Successful Picks Several picks to choose from. Trade History Performance for this month seems to have reached peak. Upshot is consistency. Analysis Overall Performance in [...]

December Monthly Options Trade Analysis

Key Stats 154 Total trades 129 Winning trades 84% Winning history 80% Average return Ranking vs Overall Risk vs Reward Successful Picks Trade History Analysis While the risk/reward and winning history and average return charts are run of the mill with respect to other months out of the year, December still looks quite promising. The [...]

November 2023 Trade Analysis

Key Stats 178 Total trades 145 Winning trades 81% Winning history 78% Average return Ranking vs Overall Risk vs Reward Underperforms the strategy as a whole at each return. Indicates conservatism in trades. Successful Picks QQQ is the standout winner. NFLX is no longer traded. Trade History Four previous years with <10% average return. Analysis [...]

September 2023 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 184 Total trades 160 Winning trades 87% Winning history 125% Average return Ranking vs Overall Another positive outlier for the strategy with a solid winning history and high average return. Risk vs Reward Clearly outperforms the strategy as a whole for any risk/reward sought. Successful Picks IBM and GOOG are the consistent winners [...]


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