February 2017 Pre-trade Analysis

Monday February 6th 1:33 PM Posted in: Daily Blog

If you were lucky (wise?) enough to survive January by trading WYNN, give yourself some credit, it was a tough month. Fortunately, February looks like much easier waters to navigate.

For starters, the stats are significantly better than last month. Across the board, the numbers are much closer to what we typically expect from the Core Strategy. We have a higher number of trades (good for quality of data), significantly better winning history, and a full 23% higher average return.

Unfortunately, it's not all kittens and rainbows. February has produced significant losses as seen in 2016 and 2009 (total bloodbath). Of course, no month is perfect and February is certainly not free of risk.

As always, focus on our target guidelines to lock in profits when presented and then drop the trade.

Key Stats









Risk vs Reward

February under-performs the average for the Core, but nearly closes the gap at 50% target profit.

Successful Picks

Here's a tough one. BCRM, EBAY, and YHOO are no longer traded. This means no single pick sticks out as the clear winner for this month. Use your own judgement and the monthly commentary to decide what to trade.

Stock Plays Wins Winning History Average Return
AAPL 8 6 75.00% 64%
AMZN 8 7 87.50% 63%
BRCM 5 5 100.00% 91%
DIA 14 12 85.71% 72%
EBAY 5 5 100.00% 139%
GOOG 6 5 83.33% 38%
IBM 10 8 80.00% 65%
QQQ 13 11 84.62% 57%
YHOO 5 5 100.00% 42%

Keep in mind we may no longer trade options for some of the stocks listed here.

Remember, no matter how great the statistics are or how good past trades were, you must set realistic limit orders to trade this strategy profitably. We highly recommend member's focus on our own target profit goals! As always, make money and happy trading!


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