Core strategy scraps modest gains in February

Monday February 24th 8:00 AM Posted in: Daily Blog

The short trading week proves challenging for the Core, members pull modest gains from 8 winning picks and a 38% average return.

Modest limit orders pave they way to profit

Despite our optimistic pre-trade analysis, this February proved to be quite challenging for the Core. Dave's commentary expertly covered all of the potential risks for expiration week and members were specifically instructed to look for profits in the 25% - 50% range. Members who set limit orders in our suggested target range were able to lock in some modest profit for the month. The Core ended up producing 8 out of 9 winning picks with a 38.85% average return. Only AMZN failed to make a positive return, and stopped out at -37%.

February 2014 Results

Date Type Symbol Length Result
02/21/2014 CS AMZN 5 Days -37%
02/21/2014 CS DIA 5 Days 18%
02/21/2014 CS GOOG 5 Days 49%
02/21/2014 CS IBM 5 Days 25%
02/21/2014 CS NFLX 5 Days 38%
02/21/2014 CS QQQ 5 Days 49%
02/21/2014 CS SPY 5 Days 37%
02/21/2014 CS WYNN 5 Days 87%
02/20/2014 CS AAPL 5 Days 83%

Key Takeways

One long time member explained it best in an email:'s worth taking all positions, not having stop losses, not freaking out at paper losses, and taking quick gains to lower your exposure the first day if they appear and are over 25% (especially around 40 to 50%).

We can't stress this message enough, reasonable limit orders are the means to locking in profits for the Core. Start trading the Core Strategy and use our target profits and limit orders to make money month after month.


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