Morning Blog 10/7/2013

Monday October 7th 9:00 AM Posted in: Daily Blog

Morning everyone. Again not much going on except the government shut down and the ramification of such. The Sunday talk shows pushed the futures back and there could be more to come. The so called final day on the debt ceiling is Oct 17 which is the day before options expiration. Our Core plays may well get a lift if the government comes out with some positive news after next week’s Sunday talk shows. AAPL is rumored to have several events in the pipeline before Thanksgiving. Oct 14th or 15th for the IPAD refresh and around the 12th of Nov for the Mac refresh. Carl Icahn and Time Cook are again scheduled to meet in about two weeks to discuss a huge buyback. One has to believe Mr. Icahn gave Tim Cook a proposal at last week’s luncheon  and Time Cook went to the board of directors for approval or denial. Jeffries upgraded AAPL from a hold to a buy this morning lifting their price target from $425 to $600.


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