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Thursday August 8th 8:08 AM Posted in: Daily Blog

Not a lot to say this morning. TSLA reported better than expected and is up $20 in premarket, China came in with better trade date on both imports and exports. Other than that we wait for the weekly jobs numbers at 8:30am et and the Bloomberg consumer comfort index at 9:45am et. Our late play on the SPY calls should pay off this morning.

I do want to remind everyone exactly what our service is. Many new folks do not understand the trading rules we have and how they pertain to the Special Plays and the Core Plays. First and foremost we do not give exit signals on a consistent basis, on occasion we might but you, the trader need to protect your profits. If a SP goes up greater than 10% before falling a maximum of -25% the play is still active and we will update that play everyday until it either expires or drops to the -25% from entry level. EVERY SP HAS A SET -25% STOP LOSS UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED IN THE PLAY. I take it that I am clear on that

Our Core Plays (CP) come out on the Second Friday every month. We post a Commentary at 3pm et and the actual plays at 3:30pm et for a buy as close to the close as possible. THERE IS NO INITIAL STOP LOSSES ON THESE PLAYS SET ON FRIDAY. Once Monday rolls around we have to remember this is a maximum 5 day cycle, so if you are panicking in the first 30 min I'm going to ask you to be patient.

I suggest profits be taken for both services in the 25-50% range, auto traders will be taken out of trades at around 25% unless they direct the broker otherwise. Our CP kick off tomorrow and I encourage everyone to read our Aug 2013 analysis on  trading history before then. Have a great profitable day


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