7/18/2013 Daily Blog

Thursday July 18th 7:44 AM Posted in: Daily Blog

This morning world market are basically flat, our futures are flat so a slow choppy day may be in store. Yesterdays earnings shows why I do not like to trade or call earnings. First, options for those stocks reporting have a built in premium on a possible move up or down making them more expensive. Second, it's really a craps shoot, they can report well and give poor guidance and the whole trade falls apart. Ok, done ranting on earnings I was wrong yesterday on INTC and IBM turned out to be the better horse but I bet if we look back at the IBM195 calls that were selling yesterday and what they sell for this morning there will be really no big profit there even though the stock is up 4 bucks. Ok, I just looked at it, you could have picked those calls up between 3.40 or so to 3.80 in the final 5 minutes, IBM is set to open this morning at 198.65 for a 3.65 option intrinsic value that expires tomorrow, hardly even worth the trade.

GOOG and MSFT report tonight, Fed Chairman on his last day of testimony on Capitol hill, no earth shattering moves expected from his comments.

All 10 of our Core plays came in with gains above 10% so far, tomorrow we kick off our onedaywonderoptions plays and possibly put out a Special Play setup for next week toward the end of the day. Had several questions on when the next Special Play is coming out, typically we do not send out SP during our Core week which is in progress now. Once the Core passes the market directs all our plays, we do not try to force things and are very selective in choosing what we want our customers to be exposed to. There are many new customers in both services this month let's all wish them successful trading, have a great day everyone.



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