Performance Tracking Explained

Wednesday December 15th 12:34 PM Posted in: Daily Blog

Let's be clear

Options-Intelligence has always prided itself on posting results that indicate what was possible for traders to achieve on every single trade, good or bad. We realize that it is highly unlikely to achieve these results, but it is incredibly important to track the performance of our trades in this manner.  Doing so enables us to create an extensive database of accurate historical results.  This provides users with the ability to manipulate the data to find the exact level of risk and reward they are comfortable with.  This simply would not be possible by recording the results using any other method.

What is the benefit?

Tracking the results in this manner has caused some confusion, especially when there is high volatility in the option price.  In order to be as transparent as possible, we would like to take this opportunity to share the criteria we have always used to determine when and how to record results.

Performance explained

The criteria may seem complex because we have two separate options trading strategies that follow different rules; however both strategies have always used a positive return of 10% or more as a baseline requirement for a winning play.  Additionally, the following rules apply to both the Core Options Trading Strategy and the Special Plays Options Trading Strategy:

  1. The highest price the option achieves is recorded as the result since this was historically what the option price reached.  This information is needed to determine risk and reward for each strategy and underlying asset.
  2. At any time Options-Intelligence can send out an alert and cancel plays.  If this occurs, the play is dead and the current market price will be recorded as the result.
  3. If the option price never improves and the option expires, it will be recorded as a 100% loss.  This, of course, has never happened because of our ability to cancel plays.
Special Plays Option Trading Strategy

Performance tracking for the Special Plays Options Trading Strategy has a couple of requirements:  First, (as mentioned above) if a Special Play appreciates at least 10%, the high that option achieves is recorded as the result.  Second, we track performance throughout the day and post results on a nightly basis.  This recording does not affect the play, as it is still considered live until one of the following conditions is met:

  1. If the price of the play drops 25% from the initial entry point after appreciating at least 10%, the play is over and the high the option achieved is recorded as what was historically possible.
  2. If the price of the option drops 25% from the initial entry point without appreciating at all, the play is over and -25% loss will be recorded as the "high" the option achieved.
  3. If Options-Intelligence sends out an alert to sell the play, the play is over and current market price is recorded as the result.

It is very important to note that the rules associated with auto trading do not apply to performance tracking. Members that use auto trade are stopped out at set limits based either on previously designated profit levels or a triggered trailing stop.   Members who are not using auto trading do not have these limitations and must use the performance data to determine their own exit strategies.

Core Options Trading Strategy

Core Play specific performance tracking has only a few points basic points:

  1. The high the option achieves within the week is recorded as the result.  This number can be a positive or negative. To get a negative number the option must open lower than the initial entry point and never appreciate to the initial entry point.
  2. Plays are always active for the full 5 days unless Options-Intelligence issues an alert to cancel the plays.  This does not mean members should hold plays for the full five days. Customers should be looking for exits on these options in the 25-50% range and set trailing stops to protect profits.

We hope this information is helpful to our members and traders who might be considering Options-Intelligence.  We invite and encourage discussion about our performance tracking in hopes that we can improve the process and promote transparency.


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