May 2019 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Friday May 10th 11:34 AM Posted in: Monthly Options Analysis

Post-Trade Analysis
Monday 5/20

Our post-trade analysis for last week can be summed up in one word, “tough”. This was a month were it was very crucial to pay attention to our Commentary to limit your exposure to the market. By limiting our positions to half size we were able to withstand the 600 point loss that Monday brought and were able to claw ourselves back to acceptable loss levels overall. Traders that were in AAPL really had no chance of coming back and had to cut their losses when they could.

Markets are being overly sensitive to tweets and all things China, making it tougher to maneuver in this arena. I want to thank everyone for the kind words while I spent a week recharging my batteries on a long overdue vacation. I’m back and scouring the market for some weekly trades we can pick-off while we wait for the next monthly trades, don’t forget about our most aggressive service that come out every Friday. For anyone who wishes to try this service, use the coupon code "OIMEMBER" to take $50 off of the normal $149 price.


Date Type Stock Len High C
05/17/19 M AAPL 5D -69%
05/17/19 M AMZN 5D 23%
05/17/19 M DIA 5D -48%
05/17/19 M GOOG 5D 89%
05/17/19 M QQQ 5D -9%
05/17/19 M SPY 5D -21%

Pre-Trade Analysis
Friday 5/10

The data for May is crystal clear: Previous years have been outstanding for our Monthly Options Trading strategy. We have above average numbers for every metric we cover. Past years have yielded more trades, more winners, a higher winning history, and a significantly higher average return.

A review of the Risk/Reward chart below tells the exact same story. May has significantly outperformed the strategy as a whole at every sought return. Furthermore, the month boasts 3 options with perfect trading records and a couple more with near perfect records. Based purely on the data, May should be a phenomenal month for our members.

Past trades are also indicative of the month's success. Previous years have produced mostly winners save for 2012 wherein all trades were losses from a market selloff beginning May 1st and ending June 4th of that year... which clearly parallels our current market trend with the notable exception of the slight recovery last Friday, May 3rd.

Look for exits within our target range of 30% - 50% as soon as they are presented. We will update this post after the trade week to recap the performance.

Key Stats









Risk vs Reward

Monthly Option trades in past years have absolutely outpaced the strategy as a whole at every return.

Successful Picks

AAPL, GOOG, and SPY have rock solid performances.

StockPlaysWinsWinning HistoryAverage Return

Remember, no matter how great the statistics are or how good past trades were, you must set realistic limit orders to trade this strategy profitably. We highly recommend member's focus on our established target profit goals! As always, make money and happy trading!


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