Posted at: February 20th - 9:13 AM

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We get new Special Play customers all the time and some are not familiar with how these great plays are generated. First we have two very separate services, the Core Plays that started last Friday are still in play, we put out 9 great plays and 7 of those 9 achieved at least 25% gains. We also have the Special Plays and typically we do not generate Special Plays during our Core week as we already have 9 active plays doing well. Special Plays are technically driven so if I do not send out a play in a couple days that only means I am trying to find our best opportunity to profit not just generate plays for the sake of generating plays. I hope this clears things up for those unfamiliar with our services and here is the latest feedback I received this morning from a long time Core customer, Lynn.

Hi Cody,
Tell Dave thanks for the heads up today. I was disappointed in amazon but overall did very well this month with the other 8 positions ...what a hoot IBM went from a loss of $700 for me to a gain of $900 overnight last night.
I'm still expecting amazon to do the "right thing"  (as Dr. Laura  would say) but exited because will be busy tomorrow morning. Another good month for Options-intelligence. Tell people in your blogs that it's worth taking all positions, not having stop losses, not freaking out at paper losses, and taking quick gains to lower your exposure the first day if they appear and are over 25% (especially around 40 to 50%).

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SELF DIRECTED TRADERS: Weekly Option alerts should be traded with 50% stop loss targeting 20% - 50% returns.

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All options are buy to open, sell to close. Options follow the following format: Stock + Expiration Date + Option Type + Strike Price. Example QQQ201220C120 = QQQ 2020/12/20 Call $120.

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