Oct 2014 Core Trades

Posted at: October 10th - 3:32 PM

Monthly Option Alert

Alert Message

AAPL I suggest the AAPL101 Calls AAPL141018C101

DIA I suggest the DIA 166 Calls DIA141018C166

GOOG I suggest the GOOG 550 calls GOOG141018C550

GS I suggest the GS 180 Calls GS141018C180

IBM I suggest the IBM 185 Calls IBM141018C185

QQQ I suggest the QQQ 95 Calls QQQ141018C95

SPY I suggest the SPY 191 Calls SPY141018C191

WYNN I suggest the WYNN 175 Calls WYNN 141018C175

NFLX I suggest the NFLX 450 Calls NFLX141018C450


Limits & Stops

SELF DIRECTED TRADERS: Monthly Option alerts should be traded with NO stop loss targeting 30% - 50% returns.

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Monthly Options Instructions

All options are buy to open, sell to close. Options follow the following format: Stock + Expiration Date + Option Type + Strike Price. Example QQQ201220C120 = QQQ 2020/12/20 Call $120.

Read Monthly Options Guidelines for more information about how to trade our Weekly Options strategy.


Target Profit
Per option trade

Make up to a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.


winning history

Over 20 years of trade history with better than 7 out of 10 winning options trades.


Trade notifications

Free text message notifications and real time option trade alerts through Twitter (@optionsintel).


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