February 2021 Core Plays

Posted at: February 12th - 3:32 PM

Monthly Option Alert

Alert Message

Markets are a bit overbought here giving me concerns for going in ahead of a three day weekend. I will however put out a few call plays that should still do well. Those who enter should shoot for gains in the 30-50% range and not expect tremendous returns. There is no international news to focus on this month so things should remain relatively quiet. As normal please buy the closest strike price to the actual price and Auto Trade should use the strike prices given.


AMD - I suggest the AMD 94 Calls, AMD210219C94

AVGO - I suggest the AVGO 485 Calls, AVGO210219C485

AAPL - I suggest the AAPL 135 Calls, AAPL210219C135

GOOG - I suggest the GOOG 2100 Calls, GOOG210219C2100

WYNN - I suggest the WYNN 117 Calls, WYNN210219C117

NVDA - I suggest the NVDA 600 Calls, NVDA210219C600

Limits & Stops

SELF DIRECTED TRADERS: Monthly Option alerts should be traded with NO stop loss targeting 30% - 50% returns.

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Monthly Options Instructions

All options are buy to open, sell to close. Options follow the following format: Stock + Expiration Date + Option Type + Strike Price. Example QQQ201220C120 = QQQ 2020/12/20 Call $120.

Read Monthly Options Guidelines for more information about how to trade our Weekly Options strategy.


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