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May 2020 Monthly Options Strategy

Key Stats 144 Total trades 128 Winning trades 88% Winning history 124% Average return Analysis We have analyzed 144 option trades executed in May through 2002 for the Monthly Options strategy. Per the historical data, this month has performed exceptionally well in past years. A review of the trade history shows primarily winning results with [...]

Final Days to Save $700 Before Peak Months

We wanted to reach out to members who may be utilizing monthly or quarterly BUNDLE memberships or who are not yet BUNDLE members and remind you that we are offering $700 off of annual access to the BUNDLE.  This membership is normally priced at $1699. Be sure and check your membership status (top of website) […]

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April 2020 Monthly Options Strategy Analysis

Key Stats 142 Total trades 122 Winning trades 86% Winning history 98% Average return Analysis Our analysis of April for 2020 covers 142 trades over the past 19 years. This month proves to be much improved over March with respect to a single key metric. Compared to last month, April boasts a winning history of [...]

BUNDLE Access Now $700 OFF For A Limited Time

Everyone ready to get back to business? I know I am. The volatility index (VIX) has been so high it has been tough to make any profit but that may be changing. Tomorrow is the end of the month so we may be seeing some “window dressing” today but the real buying will start on […]


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Make up to a 50% return or better from our option trades by following our profit targets.


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