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October 2020 Monthly Options Trade Analysis

Key Stats 164 Total trades 131 Winning trades 80% Winning history 84% Average return Analysis The trade analysis for past October reveals the month has slightly underperformed the strategy as a whole. Key statistics show an 80% winning history with 131 winning trades out of 164 dating back to 2002. A review of past trades [...]

September 2020 Monthly Options Trade Analysis

Key Stats 166 Total trades 142 Winning trades 86% Winning history 128% Average return Analysis Our analysis for September includes 166 options trades dating back to 2002. As the data above indicates, the month has been outstanding for our Monthly Options strategy. When compared to other months, we have a larger pool of past trades [...]

August 2020 Monthly Trade Analysis

Key Stats 108 Total trades 102 Winning trades 94% Winning history 121% Average return Analysis Our analysis of over 100 trades show August as one of the absolute best months for our Monthly Options trading strategy. Although we have fewer data points vs other months, our trade history for August still spans back to 2002. [...]

2020 August BUNDLE Sale

Sign up through August 31st and enjoy $150 OFF 3 months. Start Trading 2020 Q3 Trades From our option picks IBM 272%July 15th QQQ 446%July 13 WYNN 367%July 15 2020 YTD Stats 65+Winning Trades All from simple call and put trades 81%Winning history Beats our lifetime history by 6 points 113%Average return Exceeds our max target [...]

July 2020 Monthly Options Analysis

Key Stats 179 Total trades 163 Winning trades 91% Winning history 135% Average return Analysis Past July results show a distinct an upward trend in performance for the Monthly Options strategy month-over-month and, in fact, establishes the month as one of the best for the strategy overall. A review of 179 trades spanning through 2002 [...]


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