November 2018 Monthly Analysis

Much like October, November has been a relatively successful month throughout the history of the monthly options trading strategy. In fact, the two months are quite similar with respect to our KPIs. Overall trades, winners, and winning history are basically the same as last October. The only notable difference is the lower average return for [...]

October 2018 Monthly Analysis

Historically October has been a moderately successful month often overshadowed by the exceptional statistical data from September. Observe the risk vs. reward for given returns plots October below the overall performance for monthly strategy. A quick review of the performance shows mostly winning returns with some significant losses in 2014. Overall data is positive with [...]

September 2018 Monthly Analysis

September 2018 is shaping up to be an exciting cycle for our monthly strategy supported by excellent data. Of first note, is a significant increase in data points vs. the previous month (151 vs 92) which indicates this is a month we have traded frequently with several alerts each month. Two clearly positive data points [...]

August 2018 Monthly Analysis

As with our previous month, August has consistently proven to be a strong month for our trading strategy. As you can clearly see with the risk vs. reward chart, this month has produced results well above the strategy as a whole. The trade data tells the exact same story with a winning history of 93% [...]

July 2018 Monthly Analysis

Let's get straight to the point. It's very clear that July has been a tremendous month for our members with one of the highest winning histories, average returns, and total number of trades. This is one of our outlier months on the upside of the strategy overall. Just glance at the comparison chart (below) for [...]

June 2018 Monthly Analysis

At first glance, the historical data for June looks significantly less impressive than the month prior, however, it would be foolish to call June a bad month. June essentially represents the monthly options trading strategy as a whole. Reviewing the risk vs. reward chart below illustrates this perfectly. June is basically on par with any [...]

May 2018 Monthly Analysis

May continues the general upward trend of our monthly options trading strategy that begins in the previous month. This month has favorable historical performance with an impressive 9 out of 10 winning history. Pay special attention to the Risk v. Reward graph (below) for a visual representation of how this month compares to the strategy [...]

April 2018 Monthly Analysis

Historically, April is the first month of the year with results that match the average for our monthly strategy. This provides a great deal of reprieve from the first quarter, where the strategy can sometimes struggle to produce results. The numbers for April align exactly with what we expect from the strategy overall and a [...]

March 2018 Monthly Analysis

Once again we are faced with one of the more difficult months for our option strategy. Historically. March has been feast or famine with either all alerts producing returns or losses (see 2010, 2011, and 2013) results. Upon review of commentary from losing years, it is apparent that puts, which are highly unusual for this [...]

February 2018 Monthly Analysis

Last month, our options trading strategy produced some phenomenal, quick returns in spite of January's typically unfavorable trade history. This month, our strategy has normally produced better results, however, we find ourselves in the midst of extreme market volatility. Reviewing all monthly options trades in February's past shows fairly consistent gains with the exception of 2009, [...]

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